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Software for managing lost person searches
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FIND comes in three versions to fit the size and needs of your organization.


The Individual system installs on a single laptop, and has no dependency on any internet connection or other computers. Best for very small teams/missions where one person does most of the command post work.


The Team system installs on one laptop that acts as a 'server' for a local LAN. Every device on the LAN can connect to the mission and an entire command team can manage the search mission collaboratively.


In addition to the field deployed system, the Enterprise version has an online backup and remote support function so everything from a few initial tasks to an entire mission can be run online. This option includes the team setup as well for when mission base must operate offline.

Start with a DEMO

Pick one of the options below to learn all about using FIND on your missions. We also have a full in person classroom training available at your location.

Schedule a live demo with our team.

We will walk through FIND with you and answer any questions in a video call.

Use the online demo version yourself

There is a demo system set up for you to play around and get a feel for the software after your walkthrough. The demo system gets wiped and refreshed each week.

Watch our in depth series of demo and training videos

We have a series of videos that go over all aspects of FIND, from how to set it up to planning tasks, to debriefing teams.


Mapping - Tasking - Search Theory - Comms - Planning

Three editions to fit your organization.
  • Individual: Single laptop
  • Team: Wireless LAN
  • Enterprise: Remote support
Find subjects faster
The only software with Robert Koester's Lost Person Behavior models built in
Custom topo map for your response area
TotalTopo: a topo map built from the ground up with as much info as possible to help you understand your mission area.
Task assignment management
Record briefing and debriefing for teams, instantly integrate team findings into a cumulative POD map automatically.
Integrated Comms logging
FIND integrates a communications officer interface for tracking mission communications, logging clues, and keeping a running map trail of teams movements.
Personnel and vehicle records
FIND provides a personnel and vehicle registter that is connected to the plannign and ops functions for realtime resource availability updates


The origins of FIND

Our Expert Team

Over 50 total years of experience with both wilderness and urban SAR as well as product development.

Robert Koester

SAR Research Lead

Jason Dalton

Product Management

Kyle Kalwarski

Lead Developer

And let's not forget the hundreds of SAR volunteers who have helped shaped FIND by participating in SAREX missions where we taught them how to run base operations with FIND. - Thank you!

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